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All about Daniel

Northern Virginia (near DC) - mail - Resume

My name is Daniel and I want to be a Perl / Unix hacker when I grow up.


These are old and bad, please check out my git repos


Here are some shell scripts I've written: - shell script that waits 10 min for a user to log into a Debian/Ubuntu system then proceeds to update the system via the apt-get package manager if no one logs in, finishing with a system shutdown
tf2server01-bup.bash - bash script to tarball, encrypt, and upload a back-up of a game server - shell script to upgrade Fedora releases - shell script to update system via yum package manager and email me if a (service) restart is required - small shell script with a simple for-loop that sets the stripe cache size on an mdraid array


I'm learning Perl now too - (perpetually work-in-progress) CLI client for Akamai's OPEN EdgeGrid API - simple script to extract some info from debug headers for Akamaized hostnames - turns a MAC address into an IPv6 ULA prefix - takes a list of misformatted MAC addresses from arguments or standard input and substitutes them for the correct format - sends a couple pings to IP(v6) addresses and restarts routing services if host(s) are unreachable


Warranty: If my script breaks your system, you get to keep both pieces.