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swagg boi's (RFC 4193 compliant) IPv6 ULA prefix spitter-outter!!

I got bored playing with html forms today and what I ended up with is this nifty form that turns a given MAC address into a /48 IPv6 ULA prefix. The form POSTs this string to a cgi script which is essentially a quick re-write of the first Perl script I ever wrote (just added some html cruft to the STDOUT). I got the idea for the first script since I couldn't find a simple way to generate an ULA from my terminal. I had to open up a browser and find other similar web-based tools with a web search but several of these didn't seem to really follow the RFC, i.e. printing out a /64 instead of a /48 or printing out the prefix with no MAC address or even a field to give it one. Maybe some wayward network nerd standing up an IPv6 lab will find this useful :)

Limit of 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 ULA addresses per customer.

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